It one of the major agents that trigger the youths to destroy public and private properties in Lagos and many parts of the country.

Social has become a place to get hot information from and feed others but you need to make move to verify any news that gets across you online before sharing it with others.

The Lagos state lawmaker, Desmond Elliot has since table a bill to regulate social media posts as he believes that many videos relating to the Lekki massacre are fake.

The social media news truly needs regulation and those celebrities involved in sharing misleading information should stop and focus on how Nigerian will be great again and wait for the outcome of the judicial panel set up by the state government.

Desmond Elliot moves to the Lagos State House of Assembly(LSHA), today, 29th of October, again, and said that “Social media has its negative impact.” He also added that “Please celebrities, social media influencers, stop the hatred already.”

But all we want is that justice should be served and the shooters should be brought to book.

What do you think about the speech by the lawmaker, Desmond Elliot? And did he deserves the reaction by Davido? Please write your comment below and share this news with others.

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